About Us

This Blog is focused on the African Or Black Question/You Are African UK online and offline campaign for 2011/2012.

The African Or Black Question (TAOBQ) is a British-based year-long (2011/2012) campaign that provides an opportunity for us to begin to claim our African heritage by proudly describing ourselves as African, and refusing to be described by a colour, which has negative connotations, such as black market, black sheep, blackmail, and black Monday.

Black is a term that does not recognise the African identity or connection with the African continent. It was once a powerful and unifying political term, which embraced British “ethnic minorities” such as Africans and Asians. However, the latter have in recent years forged a separate identity, whether or not they were born in Asia, which has led to classifications such as Black And Asian, and Black, Asian And Minority Ethnic.

Whilst TAOBQ has no issues with ‘black’ in relation to an all-inclusive term for political solidarity among British ‘ethnic minorities’ or ‘black music’ describing a music genre, the campaign is advocating that people of African heritage be identified as African, instead of the meaningless ‘black’.

TAOBQ recognises that as a consequence of displacement within the Diaspora, or the nature of formal British school education, some of us may have no knowledge of our African history and do not identify with Africa.

Hence it is incumbent upon us to study some African history outside of formal education and African/Black “History” Month. There are libraries (those that still exist) and reputable websites, with free resources to improve our knowledge of African history. BTWSC and many other community organisations provide accessible African history programmes and courses.

TAOBQ suggests the following recommendations:

1. People of African heritage be described as African, instead of black.
2. The opportunity for study of African history be made more accessible.
3. People of African heritage consider adopting African names in order to assert their African identity

Our first offline activity is set for Friday Jan. 20 2012, 6-8.30pm @ Westminster City Hall in London's Victoria area, where there will be the screening of The African Or Black Question guerilla documentary and You Are African discussion. 
It's free and all, irrespective of race, are welcome - just click email to pre-book. 
Here's a bit about me: African (Black) history consultant + community activist + media & music industry lecturer & journalist + BritishBlackMusic.com editor + Black Music Congress founder + writer + speaker + documentary film maker etc.

Check the FAQ to find out the aims and objectives of this campaign.