Here is where you'll find audio and video resources relating to TAOBQ issues

The Henry Bonsu-helmed Shoot The Messenger magazine show on Vox Africa was the first to broadcast segments of The African Or Black Question (TAOBQ) film. It was used on the 29 January 2012 edition, which discussed issues around race/ethnicity, TAOBQ Campaign and racism 

Community educator Toyin Agbetu breaks down the African V Black schism to members of Black Cultural Archive Youth Forum, who visited Hackey Museum's 'Sankofa: The Truth Behind Black History Month 1926-2013', co-guest curated by Bro Toyin.

Click to see TAOBQ visit to International Slavery Museum in 2012

Jesse Jackson offers his take on whether it should by African or black. Incidentally, Jackson was one of the popularisers of the "African-American" terminology in the US

Jesse Jackson poses with his copy of 'African Voices: Quotations By People Of African Descent' book edited by Kwaku & Ms Serwah


A segment from 25 Years On..., --> a Harrow African/Black History event that explored how Black History Month (BHM) was introduced in Britain, and the work of Labour Party's Black Sections in getting the first 3 African British MPs selected and elected, in 1987

Special Event: Launching of the International Year of Peoples of African Descent 10 December 2010

If it passed you by,  you can catch this 40 minute video showing the  December 2010 launch of the UN's International Year For People Of Descent initiative and its aims.

Closure of the International Year for People of African Descent 06 December 2011

Running nearly 3 hours, you best make time to watch this reflective in chunks. It covers the closing event which takes stock of the initiatives and activities that were undertaken by Member States, United Nations bodies, specialised agencies, intergovernmental organisations, as well as civil society, including Non-governmental organisations and organisations of people of African descent during this year...

The lawyer representing the Kenya Land and Freedom Army (KLFA) veterans provides a succinct update regarding their legal quest for compensation (and apology) for their torture during the Mau Mau uprisings of the 1950s/60s. This short ITN video was posted on on October 5 2012. The ruling, which opens the way for veterans who are alive to
sue the British government adds to some of the issues raised by The First Grader film.

Click to read Mau Mau veterans win right to sue British government.
By the way, the proper term for the Kenyan resistance fighters is Kenya Land and Freedom Army (KLFA).

Part 1 and 2 video interviews (15 and 14 minutes respectively) with 'The Invention Of The White Race (Part 1 and 2)  author Theodore W. Allen, a historian who is comfortable to be described as European American or Anglo American, but not as white. He breaks down the "creation" of the white race, racism and racial oppression from the 17th century, in what's present day United States Of America. He also points to the mid-17th century Bacon's Rebellion as the turning point in America's racialisation of people and its attendant stereotypes, prejudice and inequalities.

Click above link or below to view AfriSynergy's T West's take on President Barak Obama's speech on Ghana, Zimbabwe and Africa, made in Accra, Ghana during his visit in July 2009

Click to listen the BBC World Service podcast of a World Have Your Say discussion on what's the appropriate racial label in the US, black or African-American? Includes some contributions from the UK

Just got off comedian and educator Geoff Schumann's website, where I was reminded of Nas' classic but sadly singular conscious and family-friendly hit song 'I Can' and I just had to post it here, because it's so on-point! It's the type of music BTWSC's and BBM/BMC's Music4Causes strand aims to highlight with British rappers and musicians. Click to read Nas' 'I Can' lyrics, which manages to drop some serious African history within its conscious exhortations.

I thought I'd share below a short, humorous and educational video on The History Of The British Empire, which is contrasted with an Al-Jazeera documentary Empire: The Sun Never Sets.

South African rapper Slikour offers the controversial, thought-provoking 'Blacks Are Fools' music video, followed by an interview in which he explains reasons behind the song:
Slikour's video of the controversial 'Blacks Are Fools'

Slikour talks about 'Blacks Are Fools'

Here's 2 versions of JJC & 499's 'We Are Africans' - the original demo video, and the official video

 The sneak/demo version

The official version

Curtis Mayfield 'We People Who Are Darker Than Blue'

KMT meets KRS-1 who breaks down hip-hop's global African lineage and bringing more "african rhythms" into hip-hop, and reveals plans for a British-based Temple Of Hip-Hop, etc.

Malcolm X breaks down the disconnect with Africa and the loss of African names of the African Americans due to enslavement

Dr Ivan Van Sertima provides a presentation to a London, England audience on key findings from his book 'They Came Before Columbus'

The 1st of the 6 Part Ebony Towers documentary on the history of African-America's w journey into academia, and to the exhortation to love learning.

A short trailer-type coverage of stereotypes made by Spoonface (Faada) entitled 'What Do 'Black People' Think Of Other 'Black People'?'

UK rapper Breis offers a humorous take on identity of African, Nigeria, living in the West

Former Brent South MP on seconding the Queen's Speech in the House of Commons in 2007, suggested the honours could be modernised by substituting the E for Empire with E for Excellence, e.g. OBE becomes Order of British Excellence (see 3' 34'')

Click to watch Akala being interviewed about racism within the music industry

Malcolm X On Our African Heritage - Malcolm speaks to any African who gies not know, or refuse to acknowledge that they are African!

 Click to watch this clip of African British history