Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Did You Know There Were Africans In England Before The English And That An African Dynasty Ruled The Roman Empire From England Before The Anglo Saxons?

Particularly for those Africans who claim British citizenship, next time one of your racist compatriots give you one of those "Why don't you go back to where you come from?", here's a brief historical background you can take from for your retort

Especially if that racist is English, let him or her know that Africans have been in England centuries before the English!

If that sounds too fantastic, here are the facts:

The British Isles used to be a Roman colony. To shore up their defences, not to mention collect taxes, they oversaw the building of Hadrian's Wall, which cut across north of England. The Wall, which was built in the early 2nd century had Roman garrisons stationed by it, which included African soldiers.

Septimius Severus ruled as a Roman emperor from 193-211AD. He was actually an African born in Libya, who moved his seat of power to England in 208AD - he died in York. His rule was succeeded by his sons, Caracalla and Geta, who continued the Severan Dynasty.

The Severan Dynasty lasted until 235AD. And when did the Anglo-Saxons, from whom came the English, arrive on the English isles? The 5th century! Now, who's the Johnny Come Lately, eh? This gives a new meaning to who can claim to be British, or "more" British!

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