Wednesday, 18 January 2012

BOGLE L'OUVERTURE/BTWSC Books And Resources For Sale Stall

Here is a list of books and other resources available for CASH sale at our events (please note that some may be single items or very low in stock):

From BTWSC stock:

African Voices: Quotations By People Of African Descent (Kwaku, book £8). Click for more info

Voice From Afar (Asante, book £10). Click for more info

NARM Role Model Book (Kwaku, book and DVD £5 p&p per item). Click for more info

BTWSC Because... Youth Crime (BTWSC, book £5)

What They Said I Should Be: The Story Of Female Movers & Shakers (Kwaku, DVD £10)

Brent Black Music History Project (Kwaku, book & DVD £5 p&p per item). Click for more info

It's Cool To... Care About The Environment (Kwaku, DVD £5 p&p). Click for more info

It's Cool To... Recycle (Kwaku, DVD £5 p&p) Click for more info

From Bogle-Louveture stock:
plus a selection of cards (75p each)

author title  price (£)
jordan Great Abollition Sham 9.99
huntley Two Lives: Florence Nightingale & Florence Nightingale     3
walker Roots of Black History 8
huntley chedi jagan 3
rodney Groundings with brothers 5
LEVI Journey as wire bend 5
safo cry a whisper 5
gilroy black teacher 5
daniels domestic 10
rodney How Europe underdeveloped Africa 20
siddiqi feast of nine virgins 5
bloom ackee 5
hinds journey to illusion 5
thomson a journey to haiti 10
ross tynter bender 8
haynes the book of night women 9
henfrey coming home 5.95
salkey the one 2
levy small island 7.99
salkey caribbean folk tales 5
huntley Marcus Garvey 3
Trotman Proverbs of Guyana 10
abiola Reparations 10
A. Salkey joey tyson 3
farki karl Black 3
salkey anancy score 5
salkey anancy traveller 6
rajendra child of the sun 5
bloom touch mi tell mi 5
Gilroy Gather the Faces 5.95
Gilroy In Praise of love & children 7.99
Kalu Lick Shot 3
hosseani a 1000 splendid suns 10
walker colour purple 5
soyode messenger boy 5
bainbridge injury time 3
elder african survivals 5.95
blackman trust me 3.99
Shillingford Most wanted 3
when will I see again 10
home again 9.99
ngozi. Adichiehalf of a yellow sun 5
thomson The Dead Yard 10
Ross A way to catch the dust 9
Briscoe Beyond Ugly 5

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